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Noisy Vagina - Is There Some Air In There?

Posted on the 9th July 2013


Noisy Vagina: Is there some air in there?

Posted on July 4, 2012 by pfe

During sex air can enter the vagina and result in fart like noises which can be embarrassing. Noisy vaginas are something I am asked about a lot and it is quite a common occurance. For some it happens every time they have sex, for others it may only happen at certain times which can be related to time of the month ,sexual position or activity.

There are many names for air escaping from the vagina during or after sex ( or sometimes during or after exercising ) -  some more tasteful than others : Fanny Farts, The Quiff or more correctly Vaginal Flatulence  but let’s go with “vaginal farts” as the most commonly heard term “fanny farts” may  require apologies to my US readers who may interpret that somewhat differently!

There are several causes of vaginal farts – the most common being slackness of the vaginal walls and weakness of the pelvic floor muscles allowing more air into the vagina during intercourse/ exercise. Many women find that they experience them after childbirth. But you can develop weakness in the pelvic floor from many other causes as we have discussed in previous posts. Not all slackness/weakness can be blamed on our pelvic floor – some of the blame lies with stretching of the supportive fascial or elastic tissues of the pelvis. This we cannot change  so it makes it even more important that we regain the  best control we can of our pelvic floor muscles.

What causes the noise? Air gets “pumped” into the vagina  and is then released causing the embarrassing “farting” sound.

So….in this case, yes,  strengthening the pelvic floor will give better support to the vaginal walls and give you better control with hopefully less air! The extra bonus is that a stronger pelvic floor can help to improve sexual sensation for both you and your partner.

The other cause can be position during sex – some positions will encourage more air entry as will the technique between you and your partner – easiest way to think of it is compare the action to using your mascara wand….if you pump the wand fast and withdraw it each time you pump , or almost withdraw it , then you will be pumping more air into the mascara tube. If you pump it without doing this then less air can enter.

So sometimes a simple change of position and/ or alteration of technique can fix the problem. Combining this with strengthening and co-ordinating your pelvic muscles will give you more enjoyable sex and much better control so even if you do feel that sensation that it’s about to happen- you will have more control and at least let it out when you want to.

Likewise , if your embarrassing moments happen when exercising you should look at what you are doing at the time, the position you are in, and how you might be able to modify that. If your pelvic floor, deep abdominals and diaphragm ( your core ) are working in synch with each other and the other pelvic muscles such as the glutes then you will develop better control. Exercise positions that open and close the hips ( e.g wide-leg squats) are more likely to pump air into the vagina so, again, check your technique and modify it.

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Here’s to healthy pelvic function

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