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Need to Find a Loo?

Posted on the 11th July 2013

Finding a public loo in a hurry when you are in unfamiliar territory can be annoying for some , but for many who suffer from bladder or bowel problems it can be a desperate situation. Whilst I would always advise you to address the underlying cause by talking about the problem with your health care professional – GP, pelvic floor physiotherapist or continence nurse ….help is at hand. An app for your phone is available from the Australian Government’s National Toilet Map site
It gives you the closest 5 public loos to your current position.

For those without the latest technology all is not lost …. you can access downloadable maps from the  site , so if you know where you are travelling, download the maps and take a copy with you.

No more frantic searches down dead-ends whilst busting. Also very handy when travelling with children – who we parents all know , when they want to go they have to go !

Good Luck with your loo searches but remember……if you have a problem – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!

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