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On karma and being grateful- what goes around come saround and lands in your inbox

Posted on the 9th July 2013

On Karma And Being Grateful – what goes around comes around and lands in your inbox

Posted on April 13, 2012 by pfe

Karma, gratitude call it what you like but I have finally found this week that it does exist in the world of blogging and what goes around finally comes around and lands in your inbox.

I try to be informative, I try to be amusing (I don’t quite cut the grade for funny) I try to be engaging and some weeks I feel as if I am shouting out my messages from the mountain of pelvic floor health and knowledge only to hear an echo bounce back at me…But not this week. This week two wonderful things happened.

We ask customers on our main website through which you access our shop and education pages how known so we can keep  stats of how you find out about us to help marketing. And this week , for the very first time someone replied “heard about you on twitter

The second wonderful thing was being followed on twitter by a lovely  lady from Melbourne. I did the polite thing and thanked her for the follow ( don’t you hate it when you follow people for genuine reasons and don’t even get a thank you. I don’t expect people to follow me back -  if I follow them I follow for a reason, I am interested in what they have to say/share but come on social media people , show your manners) and received an unexpected reply back  “you are welcome- thank you for such an informative website and blog“  well this had me dancing a jig around my office with a huge smile on my face and gave me the warm and fuzzies for the rest of the day – at a time when I needed a bit of a boost.

(Also picture me now poking my tongue out at my family who oft complain about my tweeting habit)

I get a lot of comments on a daily basis flow into my inbox to be moderated on the blog – but thus far NOT ONE of them has been genuine – all from smarmy  self-serving people (or robots as I suspect most are computer generated) telling me how wonderful I am, how well I write how I have made their life more enjoyable than they had ever imagined, cured the world of evil and oh, by the way try our penis enlarging cream…or weight-loss product …with links to said garbage.
FYI you cannot enlarge your penis – be happy with what you have , any girl will tell you that it is what you do with it , not how big it is that matters….and if you want to improve performance pelvic floor exercises go a long way to do that for you – note to self , a blog for the boys , but in the meantime check out a recent blog on the topic boys)  Hello – does anyone fall for this garbage?

But it does waste a lot of my time – which is precious to me with my physio clinic work, this business, blogging, tweeting, facebooking to keep things ticking …and a husband (Mr PFE who does a brilliant job of running Pelvic Floor Exercise, some of you may have spoken to him on the phone. When he feels out of his depth or can’t answer your question he takes your number or flags your email and says our pelvic floor physio will ring/email you when she gets into the office….and if that happens to coincide with “wine o’clock” then he hands me a glass as I walk through the door and sit down at the computer….now I am grateful for him…and to my two beautiful girls, teenagers – now there’s a full- time job: the oldest (19) has Kabuki syndrome – yes very rare, google it I have spent years explaining it to people so here is not the space or time- suffice to say it means she requires 24/7 care….and Miss 15 who leads a very active school/sport /social and soon part-time- job life…..but always has time for a cuddle and a chat with her Mum , who by the way , has “the most embarrassing job on the planet” I think it would be OK if I still did what I used to in physio before the girls were born – sports and orthopaedics, that would be cool, but vaginas and penises and what lies beneath is just a little too much for her – I am grateful that I get the opportunity on a regular basis to embarrass the bejeepers out of her, I do believe that it is in the parental contract – anyone see this weeks repeat episode of Modern Family? and the comment through the car window – gold!  I was warned if you ever do that to me……..
We both see her squirm when people ask …and what do you do for a living?…. or what sort of business is it?!

Anyway, I digress – my point was that I am grateful to all of you who do read this blog, if you find it informative or helpful, please pass on to your family and friends as my main aim is to educate men and women about their pelvic floor, bladder and bowel health to make their lives more comfortable. If you need a product to help you with that and click on one of the links to our shop or further information (that is all free – the information, not the products unfortunately, we do have to make a living) then thank you, I am grateful to you for helping me to spread the message.
So whether it is product or information you are looking for – bladder, bowel or pelvic floor problems impact so significantly on all aspects of your life and when there is something you can do about it to make life more comfortable, more dignified and enjoyable then I am happy, Karma has done its job……… and every now and then, when the occasional notification of that lands in my inbox be grateful as you have made my day .

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