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Feedback From Michelle Lyons Courses in Australia

Posted in Pelvic Floor on the 3rd February 2016

Feedback From Michelle Lyons Courses in Australia

Here is some of the feedback we received from the courses Michelle ran in Australia in 2015:

  • Thanks so much Fiona. The course was so great. I must admit that when I had a look at the course notes, I was worried that I wouldn't learn much new, but I learned so much. Michelle is amazing.
  • It was a great course!
  • Thank you very much for arranging the wonderful Michelle Lyons course at Dubbo!
  • Hi Michelle and Fiona, Thank you for organising and presenting such a great course on pregnancy and post natal care in Dubbo. 
  • I just wanted to thank you very much to have organised and allowed Michelle to come for her workshop.It was great and I really appreciate the atmosphere and also the workshop itself: Michelle is a great lecturer! Please if you can make sure she is back as soon as possible for other courses that would be fantastic!!
  • Saturday was so fantastic. I loved Michelle's approach. I think we should totally do a US road trip to follow her around!!
  • Have absolutely loved the 3 days of Michelle Lyons' workshops so far. By far the best PD I have attended this year . After just the Advanced Urogynae 2 says I have changed my approach... More whole, less invasive, broader understanding of my role as WH 'coach'. Sorry most of my colleagues have missed out.
  • Yes....i look forward to seeing you again and more pracs within the courses would be great
  • Had an awesome time Michelle and learnt soooooo much.
  • I look forward to your next trip !
  • Hey Fiona - just wanted to say big thanks for organising such a fabbo course with Michelle in Dubbo. Was great and would definitely travel to see her again next year - New Zealand sounds nice!

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