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Electrical Stimulation for Pelvic Health course feedback

Posted in Product Reviews on the 30th July 2019

Feedback from the Electrical Stimulation for Pelvic Health course with Fiona Rogers

Wondering if this is the course for you? Here is some of the feedback from the first courses.


Excellent workshop, really found it beneficial

Was good doing prac as we went through slides. Fabulous engaging and highly recommended course

Well thought out course that has easy to follow practical application to the clinical setting

 I just wanted to say thank you for such a FABULOUS day! I absolutely LOVED it and all your precious information.  I am really looking forward to doing more of your education days in the future and the biofeedback one too when it is available.

Thanks for the excellent course last weekend. I can only imagine how difficult it is to present a new course in front of so many colleagues but you smashed it! . I know I don't speak for myself when I say that despite using E-stim for a number of years with patients, this course goes over foundational material that is such an important reminder and I now feel more confident applying E-stim in a wider range of clientele in a more individualised fashion!


Terrific,  just what I was looking for

Thank you , great info and easy to understand

Fiona you are so knowledgable , a great teacher and very kind. Great usable information for clinical practice

Thanks Fiona for a fabulous course, answered many of my questions about electro in the pelvic floor, thoroughly enjoyed the day

Great course, well done

I feel far more confident using e-stim and TENS in my practice - thank you!

Great to have an extensive reference list to explore later

Excellent day I feel much more confident with e-stim and will definately use it more often

Very good course, thank you

Very happy with the course - was all I needed and expected

I liked the summary card and filled it with points to remember

Greatly enjoyed the day and learned so much 

Thank you for providing all this info in a precise manner

I felt the course addressed all my questions, was targeted at a good level particularly as I had not used EPA for quite some time until working in women's health

Excellent! Thank you for all your support and advice. This is definately a worthwhile course to attend and I will be recommending to my colleagues.

It was fabulous thank you Fiona

Excellent! One of the best CPD/workshops I've attended . It was just the right balance of theory and practical and great to chat to each other, thank you.

I feel a lot more confident with how to use/program the machine

Comfortable amount of time for the prac

Great course will be very applicable to clinical practice, so thank you!

Thank you for an excellent day. Excellent pace and background.

I have enjoyed the course and seeing how enthusiastic you are

I think you did such a fantastic job presenting the course. You have done such a great job in collating all the evidence and reasoning behind EPA use, it was very informative and would highly recommend it.





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