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Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System


Physiotherapist Fiona Rogers demonstrates how to use your Aquaflex vaginal cones and how to progress your pelvic floor strengthening program using them. Vaginal weights can be particularly useful for training functional activation of your pelvic floor - ensuring you engage the pelvic floor muscles at the right time during an activity , which is when the intra-abdominal pressure increases. This is most often during the effort or exertion phase of an activity. There is lots of research currently being done looking at abdominal and vaginal pressures during activities and results to date have been surprising, showing that some exercises we previously considered not so good for a weak pelvic floor may in fact not be so and activities we considered 'safe' like standing up from a chair, create far more pressure in some people. 
There is good research for the use of vaginal weights in a pelvic floor muscle training program so it comes down to whether you feel comfortable using them and whether they suit you.

You can hear more on the research in this podcast I recorded as a guest of Lori Forner on the Pelvic Health Podcast

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