Alena™ Berman Set of 3 Silicone Dilators*
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Alena™ Berman Set of 3 Silicone Dilators*


Brand: Dr Laura Berman Code: ALENA#




Dr Laura  © Alena™ silicone dilator kit is a set of 3 small dilators made from premium body-safe silky silicone.
They are curved in shape to follow the contours of the vagina, are pliable and durable.
There is an easy to use loop to help control insertion and removal.

Whilst similar to our other silicone set the Inspire this set consists of one small diameter dilator and two of the next size up but different lengths. These can be an ideal graduation for those just starting their journey in vaginal dilation.

Although this kit is not sold as a medical device, many women will find the range of sizes and the shape of the dilators easier to use than some medical sets.


It is recommended to use water-based lubricants with silicone products. You can also use an oil-based one - make sure you clean your product thoroughly afterwards to remove any residue.
Oil-based products shouldn't affect the wear of your product but may cause some discolouration.

Do not use silicone lubricant with a silicone device

Dilator Sizes

Dilator 1:  7.5cm x 1.25cm   (3" x 0.5" )
Dilator 2 : 9cm x 2cm  (3.5" x 0.75")
Dilator 3  10.75cm x 2cm  (4.25" x 0.75" )

Some conditions that may benefit from vaginal dilation:

  • vaginismus
  • dyspareunia ( painful penetration)
  • vaginal narrowing
  • post surgical scar tissue
  • postnatal recovery following episiotomy or tearing
  • post-radiation therapy
  • generd reassignment surgery




Size 1 : 7.5cm x 1.25cm (3" x 0.5")

Size 2: 9cm x 2cm (3.5" x 0.75")

Size 3: 10.75cm x 2cm (4.25" x 0.75") Note - same width as Size 2 but longer 



90 days

Phalate Free


Lavender coloured


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