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Pelvic Floor Exercises Information | How to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and get the most from your pelvic floor exercises.
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Pelvic Floor Exercise: research-based information and quality exercise products to help you achieve a stronger pelvic floor, from Australia's leading pelvic floor resource.
Strong pelvic floor muscles can help you to:
  • overcome incontinence
  • prepare for, and recover from, childbirth
  • overcome sexual difficulties and erection problems
  • prevent or treat weakness of the bladder and prolapses
Learn more about:
  • our pelvic floor and how to do your exercises
  • how to make your pelvic floor exercises really effective
  • a complete range of pelvic floor exercisers that can help
  • pelvic pain , prolapse ,recovery from childbirth, hysterectomy and incontinence surgery
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Women's Waterworks: Curing Incontinence


Women's Waterworks:Curing Incontinence: by Dr Pauline Chiarelli

AUD$9.95 (inc GST) (RRP $15)
(postage only $5.50 for single book)

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Women's Waterworks: curing incontinence is an international best-seller, with over 200,000 copies sold world-wide since its first publication in 1987, and constantly updated since then. Written by Australian physiotherapist and academic, Dr Pauline Chiarelli, this straightforward guide to the pelvic floor, incontinence, and what you can do about it is a must-read introduction for any woman experiencing continence problems.

Pauline Chiarelli is an academic at the University of Newcastle and the author of many research papers in this field. She's widely acknowledged as a leading expert, yet she's also able to reach out to ordinary women and write in a positive, uplifting style.

Chapters cover

  • Introducing women's waterworks
  • What we've got and how it works
  • The multifunctional pelvic floor
  • The rise and fall of the pelvic floor
  • Not only but also
  • Testing, testing
  • Taking things into your own hands
  • Getting to the crux of the matter
  • Pelvic floor exercises - bells & whistles (this chapter is all about pelvic floor exercisers, including some of the devices available here)
  • Special hints for special people
  • Prevention is better than cure

If you only read one book on the subject, this has to be it. Our price for this most useful book is only $9.95, compared with the RRP of $15.

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Pelvic Floor Basics Extra Value Combo Pack: Includes Pelvic Floor Educator, Total Control DVD , and Women's Waterworks. Excellent all-round starter package for a woman who wants to understand more about her pelvic floor. Usual price of items bought separately $97. Buy as a combo pack and save $17.00

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pelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor exercise, pelvic floor strengtheningpelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor exercise, pelvic floor strengthening
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