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Pelvic Floor Exercise: research-based information and quality exercise products to help you achieve a stronger pelvic floor, from Australia's leading pelvic floor resource.
Strong pelvic floor muscles can help you to:
  • overcome incontinence
  • prepare for, and recover from, childbirth
  • overcome sexual difficulties and erection problems
  • prevent or treat weakness of the bladder and prolapses
Learn more about:
  • our pelvic floor and how to do your exercises
  • how to make your pelvic floor exercises really effective
  • a complete range of pelvic floor exercisers that can help
  • pelvic pain , prolapse ,recovery from childbirth, hysterectomy and incontinence surgery
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InControl: rechargeable model


InControl Rechargeable: rechargeable electrical stimulation device for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence

(RRP $259)


The InControl is also available in a battery operated model. Read more.....

Add Home Care Tech Conductive Gel 60ml, which improves delivery of electrical stimulation making therapy more effective ($9.50)

Incontrol electrical stimualation device new for pelvic floor exercise
Incontrol electrical stimualation device new for pelvic floor exercise Electrical stimualation device new for pelvic floor exercise. Incontrol @

Channel Nine Embarrassing Bodies (1 Sept 2010) reported that electrical stimulation with a device just like the InControl improved pelvic floor muscle strength by 50% in only a few weeks, without the need to exercise.

US CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately US laws prevent us from supplying electrical devices to US customers. Orders placed from US addresses sadly have to be refunded, but with the loss of the charges imposed by our payment processing systems.

The InControl Rechargeable is a small discreet lightweight electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) device, developed specifically for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to overcome incontinence. Designed by an Australian physiotherapist, the InControl makes electrical muscle stimulation for the treatment of stress, urge and mixed incontinence available to women in their own homes.

Its small size and three simple programs make it extremely easy to use. (Read the manufacturer's user guide here.) Combined with its low cost for an all-inclusive package (a Veriprobe vaginal electrode is included), the InControl is an attractive purchase for a woman with a substantially weakened pelvic floor who has difficulty contracting her pelvic floor muscles.

For these women, it can act as the first stage of an ongoing pelvic floor strengthening program, helping a woman to re-establish her ability to identify and contract her pelvic floor muscles correctly. Many customers who have used electrical stimulation to re-establish their ability to identify and contract their pelvic floor muscles, have later moved on and also bought a perineometer such as the PFX2.


The small rechargeable InControl unit is pre-programmed with three programs of different frequency: 10Hz and 35Hz and a combined 10-35Hz program. All three programs can be used at varying levels of intensity, giving the user complete control over the unit's power. In use, the electrical stimulation creates a tingling sensation that should never be uncomfortable.

The InControl is has three preset programs to treat

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Urge Incontinence
  • Mixed stress and urge incontinence

The manufacturer's suggested timetable for use covers all three programs, and clearly spell out how to use the InControl to achieve maxmimum benefit. Research indicates that different frequencies are beneficial for the symptoms of stress and urge incontinence. Two of the three programs of the InControl provide stimulation at these two separate frequencies and in the third program, the device operates across the range between the two frequencies.

Wires from the control unit are connected to a metal and plastic vaginal probe, with a base that sits outside the vulva when the probe is inserted. The vaginal probe can be cleaned in hot soapy water.

Although the manufacturer recommends an 8 week program, they do also state that severe cases can take much longer, and in these circumstances, the program may need to be undertaken a second time.

The InControl comes complete with a vaginal electrode and everything else required to use it immediately. Each pack consists of:

  • 1 x InControl pulse generator unit
  • 1 x Internal vaginal electrode (Veriprobe model)
  • 1 x Safety treatment cable
  • 1 x EziStim® battery recharger
  • 1 x InControl user guide
  • 1 x Pre-gelled, self-adhesive disposable external electrode set, for use on the lower back and perineal areas (Please note that the InControl is a single channel unit and therefore only one electrode can be connected at one time; users can choose to use either the vaginal electrode OR the adhesive electrodes during a treatment session. Most users treating pelvic floor weakness will prefer to use the vaginal electrode most of the time.)

The InControl Rechargeable delivers 20v more power than the battery version and offers the convenience and economy of not having to replace batteries.

The InControl is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and no GST is payable. This InControl Rechargeable carries a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

The recommended retail price of the InControl Rechargeable is $259. Our price is $239.95.

View the manufacturer's user manual here (PDF 2MB).

Combo Packs

The InControl is not currently available in a combo pack.



Visual Feedback: No
Adjustable programs: Yes: 3 pre-programmed settings: 10Hz, 50Hz and 10-50Hz
Adjustable intensity: Yes
Vaginal or anal electrode: Includes Veriprobe electrode

Manufacturer's recommendations for use:

20-50 mins daily depending on problem being treated for a period of 6-8 weeks, with program repeated as needed, depending on severity of muscle weakness

Electrical specifications:

Please note the charger supplied is suitable for voltages from 120V - 240V for use in various countries. Plug supplied is suitable for use in Australia. You will require an adapter to use in most other countries.

This product carries a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

Electrical stimulation is not suitable for everyone. Check who shouldn't use it.


Unsure about the difference between the InControl and the Peritone?
The InControl is an electrical stimulation device that delivers a small controllable electrical charge to your muscles. Electrical stimulation is often recommended for women who are unable to locate and contract their pelvic floor muscles: electrical stimulation is used to "jump start" them into action, to assist in locating muscles and developing muscle awareness, and to provide a workout particularly in the earlier stages of pelvic floor exercise program.
The Peritone is a feedback device that measures muscle activity. With a Peritone, you do the muscle work yourself and the device tells you whether you are improving via visual and audio feedback. The device can be programmed for an exercise session, which you then follow, contracting and relaxing in time with the display. As your muscles strengthen over time, your base level will increase and the Peritone will constantly feedback on the power of your contraction. As the Peritone measures and provides feedback on muscle activity, women who have been diagnosed with overly tense pelvic floor muscles can find it assists them to learn how to relax their pf muscles fully.

Read more about the science behind electrical stimulation.

pelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor exercise, pelvic floor strengtheningpelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor exercise, pelvic floor strengthening
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